Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Best Times to Fly: Morning Flight or Red Eye?

Changes in airfare can be mysterious and people fail to understand them. But here are some general rules of the thumb which help all the travelers to grab the cheapest airfareFirstly, if you plan to fly from flights which take out early morning and late night you shall definitely get the best fare possible. These flights because of their flying timings are called red eye flights. Secondly, mid-day flights especially during the middle of the week can provide you cheap fares. Sometimes, you can lucky to get free snacks and meal on the flight too with these flights.

However, some of the passengers feel that these flights obstruct the natural flow of the week. Also, these are not always cheap. 

When to Buy Low Cost Flights from USA to India, i.e International Flying 

First Flights in the Morning
As there are very few takers of the first flights in the morning, you can easily get the cheap flights to India from USA. But this would work only if you are flexible with your travel dates.

Advantages of Early Morning Flights:
  1. You can catch up with your lost sleep during the flight.
  2. Reaching your destination early, gives you an added half day to explore your destination. 
  3. Probability of delays for the early morning flights is less. However weather can cause some delays in the flight schedule. 
  4. Last minute holiday packages can also be availed at low cost if you select early morning flights.
Red Eye Flights
These are overnight flights flying from west to east. These flights shorten the night for the travelers as they cross the time zones. These flights generally depart after 9PM and reach before 5AM the next morning.
Advantages of Red Eye Flights:
  1. These are considered as the best option for finding the cheap plane tickets. 
  2. It helps the business travelers to increase their efficiency. These flights also help in minimizing the loss of work time.  
  3. Airports are generally less crowded so less time for security check in and other formalities. 
  4. Red eye flights are normally less crowded, so pillows, blankets can be readily available. 
  5. Flyers can get more desirable seats than in daytime seats.

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