Monday, 13 October 2014

Stirring Festivals to Travel For

To celebrate vigor of a season, one of the best options is to explore the festivals of that season. Explore culture of the place, and even interesting is to discover the spirit of the festival. Numerous festivals, numerous countries, and same mankind – connecting with music and festivals!

Rio Carnival
Plan this season to dance on the streets. Experience the biggest party in Rio and that too on the streets of South America. A wild 5 day celebration shall not be missed for sure! One of the most party events in the world, it serves as a standard for other carnivals to aim at. Every corner of Brazil celebrates the carnival followed by festivities of Easter. A unique chance to get acquainted with the culture of Brazil, the carnival proffers an ecstatic event where you enjoy dance, sing, and party. Result of months of preparation, the carnival envelops each bit of the place from streets, clubs, bars and squares, and culminates on Rio Carnival parade.
To attend this unique festival, a bit of preparation is an intelligent choice. With your flight and accommodation booking in advance, Rio Carnival tickets are required to be purchased in advance too. Getting yourself costumes’ is an added bit of joy!

Festival of Yoga, Dance and Music
One of the most refreshing festivals of the world - the international festival of Yoga and Dance in Bali. Electrifying world musicians and international Yoga trainers the festival is totally thrilling event that celebrates the human body with yoga and uniting the cultures of East and West.

Festival of Onam - The Splendor in Effortlessness of the Place, Kerala
The traditional preservers of art and culture of the land, the state ornamenting itself describes the profoundness of the festival of the place. Lasting for two weeks the festival celebrations include rest and reflection. The Onum festivities spread the brilliance in the month of September. The street parade escorted by festooned elephants and floats, choir, and a variety of art forms of traditional Kerala are special attractions of the festival. Tiger play adds the most creative touch to the festival with men of Kerala uniquely dressed as Tigers, and Snake boat races adjoin vigor to the festival. The festivities like stage shows, folk art, food stalls, and handicraft fairs charms the visitors who come to Kerela during the season of Onum celebration. 

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