Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tips for Traveling Safe During the Holidays

Holiday time is the best time to travel and also visit the destinations that you always wanted to visit. There are a few precautions that ought to be taken and your schedule before you board a flight will be totally stress free.

Holiday travel plans of a lot of people bring them to the airport which is the busiest place during the months of holidays. The first thing that you must do is to avoid the travel days that are the peak ones. The travel agents will guide towards fly at those days that are either before or after the day of the holiday. So, it will be an intelligent option to book your flights either 2-3 days prior or after the holiday.

If easily possible, you can have either a friend or a family member drive you to the airport, or you can also consider taking a mode of public transport. Also, ask your travel agent to book you a direct flight rather than the ones with stops or connections since there may be more possibility of delays due to the weather at the peak travel times and stopping every time can make your journey longer.

You must also aim at making the booking online air ticket for the morning flights rather than the afternoon departures that may be delayed much more than the morning flights. You can also eliminate the worry of reaching the airport early by staying at the airport hotel the night prior to an early flight.

During the holidays, the flights may be over-booked and so, early check in assumes great importance. The people who are travelling internationally should arrive at the airport three hours prior to their departure time whereas the domestic travelers must arrive at the airport two hours in advance of their time of departure of the flight. It is better to spend some time at the airport rather than missing your fight by barely ten minutes.

You must be prepared for any delays that may happen and also understand that the airlines intend to do their best in keeping their schedules on time. You must carry some snacks, water, an inflatable pillow, a good book, an ipod or an MP3 players etc to keep you busy in the case of a delayed flight. You can also carry a pack of cards which come much in handy if you are travelling in a group as a game of cards can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

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