Sunday, 1 March 2015

Travel Tips From USA to India for Holi Celebrations!

Which parts of India celebrate Holi?
Holi is celebrated in the month of March where India experiences onset of summers. The weather is just best suited to go out and enjoy with dry colors and waters. This year 2015, holi will be celebrated on 6th March. Get prepared to enjoy the day in India by booking your cheapest air tickets from USA to India from JourneyCook.
Festival of Holi is celebrated throughout India and the states where it is celebrated like a big Galore are: Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Varanasi.
In India how is Holi celebrated?
People of all ages are enthusiastic for playing Holi. Irrespective of age and sex, people come together to wish everyone and make merry. Kids’ particularly are full of energy and valor. They start preparing a night before. They fill up the balloon with water and keep them ready for next day. Markets are full of various kinds of fountain guns. Everyone surely has one! Nowadays, there is availability of herbal colors has made many people interested in Holi.
The celebrations begin right in the morning, when people visit homes of their friends, neighbor and splash colors on them. “Bua na Mano Holi hai” is heard a lot many times. Also, people dance to the tunes of songs and enjoy with their near and dear ones.
The part of holi is the yummy food that is served. When you in India, then you must try snacks like ‘Gujia’ which shall be a treat to your palate for sure.
Best places to visit in India while celebrating Holi?
Without any doubts, North India is the most exuberant and absorbed in colors during Holi. Best places to visit are Pushkar, Udaipur in Rajasthan and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.
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