Thursday, 12 February 2015

Were you Slacking in your Travel Ideas Least Year?

Were you slacking in your travel ideas least year? Didn't you get time to relax and unwind at your favorite destination? Were you scared of high airfares? Then, doesn't worry here are travel vows that you must take this year to succeed in your travel plans in 2015. With every year come New Year resolutions which are meant to be broken. This year be different and take travel vows to explore new destinations.

Let me suggest some of travel vows with you, which if taken will give you stress free life this year!

·         Less Work & More Play: - You must resolve to go for weekend getaways to nearby places. These won’t cost much and you get time to unwind from the normal hustle bustle of life.
·         The travel agents at JourneyCook have many offers and deals for the places for weekend getaways, whether you are based in Chandigarh, Mumbai or down south.

Take a De-Stressing Day Out: - I’m sure if you think, you shall find many places near to your hometown where you can for a day outing. Picnic with your family is a great way to de-stress.

·         Lose Your Way: - You must never go behind the crowd and pick up destinations which are popular ones. Sometimes unexplored places seem to be amazing once you visit them. Even the cost of the holiday goes down tremendously. We at JourneyCook, advice you on places which are unexplored and awe-surprisingly beautiful. We can customize the holiday packages for you, to fit in your requirements.

·         Don’t Over expect: You must never expect a holiday free of cost. Many of you don’t travel thinking of the cost. But leave that aside, have a budget in mind and we shall formulate a package in that. We also book cheap tickets to your destination, further cutting down on your holiday cost.

·         Never put to tomorrow what you can book today: - when you find the cost in your budget, never out the bookings on tomorrow thinking that the cost will further come down. Air prices are so dynamic that they fluctuate every moment.

·         Pack Wisely  :- You must pack wisely and not carry your entire wardrobe with you. Shop at the place and feel like a local! I’m sure ladies would enjoy this!


·         Get in Touch with a local of the place: - You must never hesitate to talk and interact with a local as the sightseeing places they guide you for, you won’t never find them on internet.
Because of this, we have tied up with local guides, to help you enjoy the place like you never did.


Take a pledge today, that you shall never delay or postpone your travel plans this year and make this year full of beautiful memories with your loved ones. 

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