Monday, 8 December 2014

Tips to Save Money while Traveling to India from USA!

Before one decides to go on a holiday, they are always stressed on huge expenditure that shall be incurred during the vacation especially when it is overseas travel. Here are tips that you must follow when you decide to visit India from USA during this holiday season!

Tip 1) Stay in Cheaper Hotels
When you are holidaying in India, you are not going to stay in room all the time, thus why you always want to stay in 5-star or 4-star property. A good hotel with all the important amenities will be a good choice if you want to save some money in hand. You can get good deals of hotels when you book them with air tickets.  Consult with your travel agent who shall give a list of budget hotels which are really good and you shall face no problems during your stay. 

Tip 2) Choose to Travel during Off-Season
Also, if possible you must travel during the off-season. During peak-season, you would end up getting lost the over-crowded places. Also, the hotels are over-crowded and it is rather difficult to get a good air deal also. If you can postpone your time of holiday, then plan in advance to get the cheapest air deals for the destination of your choice

Tip 3) Carry your own Baby Food
When traveling to India with a small child or an infant, it is important that you carry all the baby essentials with you. These things are rather costly in overseas. Also, there is a possibility that you don’t find the same brand that you have been using at your hometown. Thus, carry surplus diapers, baby food which will help in saving a lot of money in your travel. 

Tip 4) Try Local Food in the Normal Restaurants
Another opportunity to embrace the local culture is to try the local food at the normal restaurants. This will help in saving a lot of money and also you will be able to try different foods which are a must try when holidaying in India.

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